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Need To Sell Your House Fast in Columbus? Read This.

There are a lot of reasons that you might need to sell your house fast in Columbus

Maybe you’re going through a difficult season in life — the death of a loved one, job loss, divorce, foreclosure, or something else — and it requires you to change homes.

Or maybe you just don’t want to endure the average of 65-98 days that most homes sit on the market.

Or maybe you don’t want to worry about making repairs, cleaning, or updating the home for picky buyers… maybe you’re trying to find out what other home-selling options are out there.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’m going to show you a new way that people are able to sell their homes as-is, within just a few weeks, and for a fair cash price.

Maybe that sounds too good to be true.

But it isn’t.

In fact, we’ve worked with tons of home sellers in Columbus who wanted to sell fast and skip the hassle and financial costs of the traditional process.

Believe it or not, we’ve been able to help those people sell their homes quickly (within just a few weeks), painlessly (without an agent), and for a fair cash price.

Let’s talk about how it works!

First, We’ll Ask Some Simple Questions About Your Property

The first step to selling your house fast in Columbus is really simple.

Just give us a call at 614-528-1402 and we’ll ask you some questions to get a better idea of the property you’re trying to sell. For example, we’ll ask you…

  1. Details about the home (square footage, number of bed and baths, repairs needed, etc).
  2. How much you’re hoping to get for the home.
  3. When you need to sell the property by.

That way, we can craft the entire selling experience to your needs and your schedule.

Our goal is to serve home sellers in the community for years to come… so our primary motivation is to help you sell quickly and easily so that — who knows! — maybe you’ll tell your friends about us in the future 🙂

Next, We’ll Schedule a Time To Visit The Property

After we ask you the above questions and get a better idea of your needs, we’ll schedule a time to come look at the property.

We can be flexible with when we visit the property and we’re definitely willing to work around your schedule.

The visit should only take us about 30 minutes and it’s just so that we can get a better idea of the state of your property and then make you a fair cash offer.

It’s up to you whether you want to be at the property when we visit or not — we’re happy to adapt to what you’re most comfortable with!

This is something we can organize on the phone after you give us a call at 614-528-1402. 🙂

Finally, We’ll Make You a Fair Cash Offer

After asking you some questions and seeing the home for ourselves, we’ll go back to the lab and do some market research.

(Our goal is to make sure that we’re giving you a FAIR offer for your property!)

This usually takes us just 24 to 48 hours.

And then we’ll give you a call and make you a risk-free, no-obligation offer on your home! You can take, leave it, or negotiate it!

(Don’t worry — we have thick skin 😉 ).

If you accept the offer, we’ll sign a contractual agreement, and then we’ll be able to purchase your home in as little as two weeks. And we’ll even pay all closing costs and buy your home as-is (that way, you don’t have to make any repairs or updates to the property).

Sound good?

Then give us a call at 614-528-1402 and let’s chat!

P.S. We Can Close Within Just 2 Weeks!

Unfortunately, selling a home the traditional way (on the MLS with a real estate agent) takes an average of 65 – 93 days, according to Zillow.

But maybe you don’t have that sort of time…

For whatever reason, you need to sell your home fast in Columbus… and we’ve created a new way to do that.

As real estate investors, and by not going through expensive agents or the lengthy MLS process, we’re able to purchase properties as-is for cash in as little as two weeks!

This is a win for our business in the same way that it’s a win for home-sellers who need a faster, simpler way to sell their home.

So if you want to get started, just give us a call at 614-528-1402 and we’ll answer any questions you have.

Talk soon!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our website. We are local Columbus residents that focus on buying properties off-market (with no commissions) for cash. We are not “flippers” or “investors” looking to pay pennies on the dollar. We are local Buckeyes with families and we focus on buying rental properties. This allows us to make fair market value offers based on comparable sales and needed repairs. We are a small, but mighty team that thrives on helping others and works toward a common goal that provides a positive outcome for everyone.

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