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What Does it Mean to Sell Your House on Terms in Cleveland?

Is your dream home on the market? Then, you’d better move fast in the hot Cleveland real estate market like the one we are in now! Sellers are flush with cash buyers’ offers and benefit from selecting among buyers in bidding wars! Often, would-be buyers need to sell their existing homes for the funds before they can close on purchasing a new property, meaning there will be a contingent upon sale clause in the contract. Unfortunately, this contingency may put you at an enormous disadvantage when you’re up against fierce competition for a seriously depleted inventory of available homes. 

Additionally, many would-be sellers are concerned because they don’t have the funds to prep for listing or make necessary repairs. As a result, it’s difficult to sell homes in obvious disrepair. Another concern is that when they finally do sell, they won’t be able to find another home. But, fear not; there is an answer that can work in your favor; selling your Cleveland home on terms can give you a winning hand in the eyes of sellers. Read on as we explore the benefits you’ll realize when you sell your house on terms in Cleveland.

Offer Accepted!

You’ve finally found the perfect house and made an offer. The seller has accepted, and now it’s time to move forward with the sale. But what happens next? If you’re selling your house on terms in Cleveland, there are a few things you need to know. Firstly, when you sell your house on terms, you’ll be the one moving in instead of watching someone else live the dream. Secondly, when you work with a professional investor like those at Flavortown Properties, you’ll receive a cash offer at your asking price after we make a quick inspection. You won’t pay for the closing or agree to any rental terms – it’s that simple! When you work with a professional investor from Flavortown Properties, you can be sure that you’re getting a fair offer. We are transparent with the numbers and provide full details on how your direct buyer reached each decision.

No Showings, Prepping, or Repairs

Getting ready to sell your house on terms is easy, just sit back and relax as you are relieved of the cost and stress of prepping for showings and photos for marketing. Let Flavortown Properties take on the risks of home ownership and the rehabilitation of the property, if needed, because we buy homes as-is. You see, Flavortown Properties is local; we’re your neighbors, a part of your community, and we’re proud of the work we do alongside you here in Cleveland; our goal is for you to feel good about working with us long after the deal is closed.

One Move!

Packing, organizing, and moving to a new home, only to unpack and reorganize, is a great deal of work, stressful and expensive. Another benefit of selling your house on terms in Cleveland is that you’ll only have to move once. When you sell your house on terms to a professional investor like those at Flavortown Properties, you’ll be able to stay in place until you finally find your next home. Then, you will be ready to jump on the opportunity with the cash in hand. 

Flavortown Properties

Want to learn more about the most convenient way to start the wheels turning on purchasing your next home in Cleveland? Talk to a professional investor at Flavortown Properties about the benefits of selling directly on terms with no obligation. By working with Flavortown Properties, you could sell your house on terms in Cleveland without paying any commissions and then, after closing, continue living in the home as the renter, with your cash in hand. Then, Flavortown Properties is ready to buy now and give you the asking price via rent to own. Call Flavortown Properties at (614) 756-6497.

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